Welcome to Matakana Pony Club.



Matakana is a small club with a great big heart!  Our team of coaches are dedicated to helping our members improve their riding, achieve their goals, learn and improve horse management, while at the same time having heaps of fun.   Our committee is unified, friendly and happy to help.  Our riders are great kids who show sportsmanship amongst their peers by supporting each other where they can.


Rallies are held on a Tuesday at 5.30pm.  We start every rally with a safety gear check to eliminate as much risk as we can.  We may advise parents/riders to alter gear if we see a problem.  Please don’t be offended if we do this, as we only have the pony and rider’s safety at heart.  We also give each rider a weekly mark on their grooming and how clean they keep their gear.  These marks go towards a trophy at the end of the season, so please try to be on time.


We have some competitions during the season which require working bees to set everything up.

“Many hands make light work”, so please attend to support your club.  And these count towards certificates also.


Please remember that our coaches give their time willingly.  They do not get paid for their efforts, please treat them with respect and show appreciation.


Lastly, I hope everyone has an enjoyable, safe, and happy season.  Please feel free to ask any questions,

“We won’t bite!”


See you at the grounds!



Kind regards



Kim Beazley